FineSwissCheese, hmmmm? Where to begin ....? Lets start by saying ......Bleu, Javier, El Jay, and Mr Clark.... THESE BOYS LAY IT DOWN THICK !!!! They set the pace in the 7 cities!!  If you wanna see and hear an experience.. , go to a Cheese show !! Without a doubt one of the areas best.!! A professional party band  if there ever was one !!  The band was formed  in the spring of 1999 By the bassist  known to all as Bleu. From that point on  Bleu, along with original FSC guitarist Javier , Lead vocalist extraordinaire El Jay   and Drummer Mr Chris Clark , have been kickin it and taken names ....every week !! You ask "what kind of music do they cover?" the Question should be "What don't they cover !! Everything from Hip Hop to Southern rock, , Alternative rock to Hard core  head bangin Metal, Ol'school funk to new age R&B ,Disco to Motown..... and Ballads ? Shhhh..Make ya feel like you're 7 inches from the mid-day sun  !!!!

            With that  being said, the Band having been together for 18 years, and out of the 18 years, winning the local "Grammy's" 4 times........ FineSwissCheese consistently delivers a high energy show full of un-predictable twists and turns of constant grooves with  un paralleled conviction. FineSwissCheese does not depend on  ridiculous overkill "smoke and mirror" production platforms consisting of huge blinding light shows , smoke machines and Coliseum sized PA systems , nor do they depend on or credit their success to any one persons ego. Their humble attitude towards their un-conditional passion  for performing is not only evident but contagious!   Nominated 14 times in the past 16 years and winners of the VMA's (Virginia Music Awards) 3 consecutive times ( 2002 , 2003 , 2004) with a runner up in 2005 (We revamped the front end of the band ) only to bounce back Phat and Happy and back on track in 2006 for a 4th AWARD !! Hell ,! It's lets ya know who's thinkin aboutcha!! ......

Often Imitated .... Never duplicated !!

None of this would have been possible without our loyal Fans ...

Fine Swiss Cheese  has the best Fans a band could ever ask for. They've always shown their loyalty and are  the absolute best people in the world to party with ! Without them, FSC would be just another band. Much love to all of y'all! We are who we are because you are who you are. We thank you.




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Fine Swiss Cheese

are also winners of  (2005&2006)

"M.E.O.N.A." awards for best Modern Rock Cover Band. Check out all of  the winners ..


We do Private Parties , Weddings, Outdoor functions, Biker rally's , Birthday parties, Large and small venues ..and .... we travel !! So when you're ready to get your party on and ya want it done the way you want it ,there's only one band for ya,

 Fine Swiss Cheese 

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